09-11【Qianxi Wang】2403 偏微分方程系列报告


题目:Bubble dynamics in a viscous compressible liquid

报告人:Professor Wang Qianxi(University of Birmingham, United Kingdom)

时间:911日下午 4:00-5:00


摘要:Bubble dynamics are a fascinating and peculiar phenomenon, as well as a classical fluid mechanics problem that has stood for over a century. Traditionally, research on this topic has been associated with the mechanism of cavitation erosion on ship propellers, pumps, and turbines. These remain important application areas and their challenge still stands. Recent research on bubble dynamics is associated with new, vital applications, expanding to include ultrasonic cleaning, sonochemistry and medical ultrasonics.

We will discuss a series of developments in the field of bubble dynamics from the last few decades:

• The weakly compressible theory, which results in the emission and propagation of shockwaves at the minimum bubble volume.

 The modelling of a toroidal bubble (a bubble ring) and the topological changes of bubbles

 The weakly viscous effects, which are essential for cavitation and ultrasonic cavitation

 The asymptotic behaviour of bubble dynamics at far field for the VoF modelling