09-08【Yajnaseni Dutta】物质科研楼C1124 Geometry&Topology Seminar系列讲座之072


报告题目:A Family of curves

报告人:Yajnaseni Dutta(莱顿大学)

时间:2023年9月8日 16:00-17:00


I will report on an on-going discussion with D. Huybrechts about a family of genus 4 curves over a smooth cubic 4-fold. The family is closely related to hyperkaehler geometry. I will present some geometric properties of this family and look at how far its 8-dimensional relative compactified Jacobian is from being a Lagrangian fibration of a HK manifold.


联系人:  刘老师   liuyq@ustc.edu.cn