05-19【Alex Mramor 】腾讯会议 Geometry&Topology Seminar系列讲座之017


  Some new applications of the mean curvature flow to the study of self shrinkers

报告人:Alex Mramor (Johns Hopkins University)

时 间:2022年5月19日 0900 -1000  

地 点:腾讯会议ID: 335-951-828,无需密码


摘 要:Self shrinkers are basic singularity models for the mean curvature flow. By perturbing the appropriately and flowing out of them, one can leverage what one knows about the behavior of the flow to say something about the original shrinker in question. In this talk Ill discuss some recent results applying this idea to self shrinkers in R^3 and R^4.