12-02【Ao Sun】腾讯会议 Geometry&Topology Seminar系列讲座之004


题 目:Initial perturbation of mean curvature flow  

报告人:Ao Sun  University of Chicago

时 间:2021122日,周四, 上午 09:00-10:30   

地 点:腾讯会议ID96438910865,会议密码:202110


摘 要:We show that after a perturbation on the initial data of mean curvature flow, the perturbed flow can avoid certain non-generic singularities. This contributes to the program of dynamical approach to generic mean curvature flow initiated by Colding and Minicozzi. The key is to prove that a positive perturbation on initial data would drift to the first eigenfunction direction after a long time. This result can be viewed as a global unstable manifold theorem in the most unstable direction for a nonlinear heat equation. This is joint work with Jinxin Xue (Tsinghua University).