Hiroshi Konno 教授colloquim报告【2011年10月18日】



题 目:Convergence of K/"ahler to real polarizations on flag manifolds

报告人:Hiroshi Konno教授 日本东京大学

时 间:10月18日 下午2:30-4:30

地 点:管理科研楼 1518

摘 要: In this talk we will discuss the geometric quantization of a flag manifold. In particular, we construct a family of complex structures on a flag manifold that converge 'at the quantum level' to the real polarization coming from the Gelfand-Cetlin integrable system. Our construction is based on a toric degeneration of flag varieties and a deformation of K/"ahler structure on toric varieties by symplectic potentials. This is a joint work with Mark Hamilton.