The 4th China-Japan Geometry Conference Held


The 4th China-Japan Geometry Conference was held in Hefei, September 6-12, 2018.


Organized by the School of Mathematical Sciences this year, the conference was attended by more than 20 renowned scholars in geometry from both home and Japan, and nearly 100 teachers and students.


Focused on submanifold geometry, complex geometry and geometric analysis, the conference gave all speakers and participants a chance to share thoughts and insights.


The 4th China-Japan Geometry Conference is testimony to the trust the mathematicians of geometry from China and Japan have rested on USTC and USTC School of Mathematical Sciences. At the opening ceremony of the conference, Professor LI Jiayu, the executive dean of the School of Mathematical Sciences, delivered his warm welcome to all speakers and participants. “For me, the conference can be regarded as a prelude to the 60th anniversary of the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)”, he said, “At this special time of wonderful September, speaking here as a chair for the opening ceremony is a great honor, and more importantly, it means a duty and mission.”


Then, academician ZHANG Weiping, the conference academic president, introduced the history of the conference and believed it will serve as a platform for friends from both countries to enjoy enhanced communication and cooperation.


Professor MIYAOKA Reiko, on behalf of the Japanese side, thanked USTC for providing the best possible services for speakers and participants. She hoped every participant could benefit from the conference.


The conference is an annual glorious event for all the friends in geometry from both China and Japan and it will contribute to the progress of mathematical sciences and geometry in particular as well as the promotion of academic exchanges between both countries in geometry and joint cultivation of young mathematicians in both countries. The Fifth China-Japan Geometry Conference will be held in Ritsumeikan University, Japan, September 1 – 7, 2019.