Established in 1958, the Department of Mathematics was chaired by Prof. Luogeng Hua, the well-known mathematician. A number of distinguished mathematicians, such as   Dr. Zhaozhi Guan, Wenjun Wu, Kang Feng, Sheng Gong, Yuan Wang, etc. taught here. In May 2011, the School of Mathematical Sciences was formally established, and the first dean is the academician, Prof. Zhiming Ma.

The School of   Mathematical Sciences is the first national base for science students' education and key training base for doctors of CAS. It has the “Changjiang   Scholarship” distinguished position and is authorized to grant all Mathematical Ph.D. degrees. In 2007,   the School of Mathematical Sciences was granted the first level key discipline and constructive discipline of “985” 211” and“knowledge innovation” of CAS programs.  In order to attract more researchers on the top level, the School of Mathematical Sciences is offered with“Hua Luogeng   Master Professorship” and“Wu Wenjun Master Professorship” by USTC.

The School of Mathematical Sciences is proud of its outstanding faculty, including 24 full professors, 26 associate professors, 8 lecturers, among which there are 2“Changjiang Scholarship” professors, 4 Excellent Youth Fund winners. With a Ph.D. degree at home and abroad, all researchers are dedicated to high-level teaching and researches with the spirit of practicality and creativity.  They cultivate a large number of great mathematical talents and attain fruitful achievements in the fields.

Since the 1990s’, the School of Mathematical Sciences has awarded 2 National Prize for Natural Sciences (third class), 3 Achievement Prize for Natural Sciences of the CAS (first class), 2-second class, 1 National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology of Ministry of Education (first class), 2 National Teaching Achievements Prize (second class). The Mathematical Institute was set up in 1983. In 2010, the National mathematics and interdisciplinary science center (Hefei branch center) and the Wentsun WU Key Laboratory were founded, which take the tasks of mathematical theory and applied research.

A large number of mathematical talents come from the School of Mathematical Sciences of USTC, including 2 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), 1 member of the Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), over 60 mathematicians working overseas, over 20“Changjian Scholarship” professors, National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of China winners professors. The guiding ideology of undergraduate teaching is to cultivate excellent talents with high mathematical quality and creativity, who can well work on mathematical research and application. Therefore, the School of Mathematical Sciences pays attention to the teaching of the basic course, as well as a variety of study and practice activities, such as mathematical modeling and experiment. This aims to encourage students to solve the problem by using their mathematical and computer knowledge.