Welcome back to USTC

April 20, 2012Posted by Lynn Hwang

The conference of "Mathematics in 21st Century: Advances and Applications" will be held at USTC on July 7-9, 2012. It will be part of the celebration of USTC 771-871-971 alumni reunion for their 30-20-10 anniversary of graduation. Alumni of all classes and friends are welcome to attend the conference and join other university celebration activities. The conference is sponsored by the School of Mathematical Sciences, USTC.

Important Dates

May 26, 2012Posted by Sarah Wan

July 6, Friday 

               evening, dinner at HeFei Technology Uni(charged by LI Hao)


July 7, Saturday

               morning.  Photo(must), meeting, at USTC History Museum 

               noon, reunion lunch, by USTC.
               afternoon.  Math conference.
               dinner, by Math College
               evening, possible reunion activities


July 8, Sunday

               morning, math conference. 

               afternoon/evening, activities, touring USTC/Hefei
Math College will give us each a blue polo shirt for the reunion.  Please
wear it Saturday morning at reunion photo.